We support a variety of media options for your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm film transfer.

When it comes to deciding which media to select, it's best to think of your project's end use.

Data files will offer the highest quality and the most flexibility in terms of what you'll be able to do with them. If you want to do any kind of editing, getting the transfer back on a hard drive or flash drive is a must. The files will also provide the higher playback quality than what can be produced via a DVD or a Blu-ray, and it will be the best option for future-proofing your film. However our viewing habits change, you'll be able to convert your digital files to whatever new media is out there.

Optical discs are best suited for simple viewing. If you have family members who just want a copy of the transfer to watch and enjoy easily, a DVD or Blu-ray will work great. The Blu-ray discs will have higher quality playback, but you will need a Blu-ray player to view them. Blu-rays will not play in a standard DVD player. For this reason, a DVD will be more widely compatible. DVDs will play in a Blu-ray player, as well as in a standard DVD player (obviously).


We format your transferred film to Master H.264 .mov files. This format boasts visually loss-less compression, meaning there will be no visible difference in picture quality between the raw file in the scanner and the formatted file you receive. As an H.264 format, it will also be one of the most widely compatible formats available, so playing back your file will be easy.

Before we ship, we back up your files and temporarily back them up so that we can guarantee your project's safety through shipping.

To purchase data files, we have three options:

1-TB Hard Drive ($125): The transfer will be returned on a 1-TB hard drive that we provide. This $125 includes $50 for rendering out the files and $75 for the drive itself. The drive will be guaranteed through shipping, meaning if anything is not working the first time you plug the drive in, we will repair or replace the drive and the data at no cost. We only stock drives from companies who (a) directly manufacture their own drives and (b) who we've tested for reliability.

Flash drive ($80): The files will be transferred to a flash drive (16GB-64GB). This $80 charge includes the $50 fee for rendering out the files and $30 for the flash drive itself. Again, the drive will be guaranteed through shipping, and will be replaced with your data at no cost should it not work upon first use.

Provide Your Own Drive ($50): The files will be transferred to a drive that you provide. The only cost involved is the $50 to render out the files and then load them to your drive. If you provide your own drive, please make sure to select a USB 3.0 drive, and back up your files before shipping. We cannot guarantee any data that was written to the drive before we receive it. If anything happens to the drive during shipping, we can guarantee the data, but we will not repair or replace any drive not purchased through us.


Whenever we record DVDs and Blu-rays, we cap the run-times on each disc so that we can maximize the data rate available in order to give you the best possible images for playback.

Blu-ray ($34.95 per disc $19.95 per additional copy): Each Blu-ray disc holds up to 75 minutes of film. We use only professional-grade Blu-rays discs, and each disc is 100% verified before shipping. Each Blu-ray is broken down into chapters, with each chapter running about 3-4 minutes.

DVD ($24.95 per disc $9.95 per additional copy): Each DVD holds up to 60 minutes of film. We use only professional grade, Falcon Media brand DVDs. You will never receive a generic disc from our company. Each DVD is 100% verified before shipping, and our current DVD error rate is about 1 per 750 DVDs (which is considered an excellent compatibility record).