Wondering what you can expect from our film transfers?

here are a few recent, unsolicited messages
we've received from our clients

"STOP!!! You have found the right place for film transfer. I had reels of 50 year old Super 8 sound film that I wanted to digitize. Sent them off to iM*******. The result was disappointing. It was just like the "Before" examples on this website. Then, I came across the MyMovieTransfer Team. The results were SPECTACULAR! Exactly like the "After" examples pictured. Fast, friendly, excellent communications. When your films are returned to you, get out your popcorn, and prepare to be amazed. They are the GOLD STANDARD of digitizing films."

- Capt. L.H. G. Virginia Beach, VA

"I would like to thank you for the prompt, efficient, and excellent work you have done digitizing more than one hundred 8mm movies I have. Prior to engaging your services, I looked around for alternatives, but found you to be the best. I was correct in my assessment, and would highly recommend your services."

- Peter Sereny, BSEE, CICA, M.D., FLMI Founder, Director, Amkai LLC

"My wife and I watched the two DVD discs made from the High Definition film transfer last night. Your company did an excellent job. I'm looking forward to sharing these memories with my five brothers and sisters, and with my mother. Seeing my dad again brings us an indescribable feeling - I am grateful for that. Please let the colorist know that his work was exceptional. He even pulled out images of my brother's honeymoon which apparently were terribly under-exposed. If anyone asks, I'll be sure to recommend your service."

- Patrick B. Bryceland, LA

"As an Emmy award-winning video editor for CBS Evening News, I've seen some archival footage and the color and quality of your film transfer was fabulous! I was very pleased and would highly recommend your services. Thank you so much!!"

- Wini D. Centreville, VA

"Now that I've spent all my free time over the last four days watching the movies and making DVDs from the files, I have some feedback that I thought you might be interested in. First of all, the transfer quality is superb. The picture quality is astounding, especially considering the age of the films. Great job on that! Although the sound quality is somewhat hit-or-miss (no doubt due to the effects of age and demagnetization), I'm still just happy with the fact that you were able to extract any audio at all. Again, very nice work. Thanks for doing such a good job on my dad's movies. He would have been very pleased!"

- Lars K. San Francisco, CA

"I live in Pittsburgh and I've been a filmmaker for over forty years. In a former lifetime, I worked for National Geographic for over 20 years, making 16mm television documentaries all over the world. In short, I know film. I recently needed to a have valuable 16mm film of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater from 1936 and a Super-16mm film from 1997 transferred in High Definition. I found out that MyMovieTransfer was located about 20 minutes from my house. Given the importance of the project I hand delivered the film so that I could check them out. I was simply delighted to discover how knowledgeable, professional, concerned, and nice the folks at MyMovieTransfer were. Bottom line, I got amazing transfers on time and it was affordable."

- Ken Love, documentary filmmaker

"We are astounded at the quality you've come up working with 50-year old workprint 16mm film. The picture, the sound, they have blown us away. You've saved our project. We cannot thank you enough. Words fail."

-Phil D. Edmonds, WA

"Thank you, by the way. The transfers to video are awesome!"

- Ray U. Hinckley, OH

"My family is absolutely ecstatic with the fantastic job your company did with our 16mm reels. We had a VHS transfer done many years ago. The quality difference is unbelievable. The other company didn't even get the 18fps to 30fps conversion correct, so we were used to watching our home movies at the wrong speed. Everybody was running! The VHS copy also had some of the film cropped off, not to mention horrendous color. Thanks for your attention to detail in every part of my HD job. We'll be sending you some additional 8mm reels, and I'll definitely recommend your company to my friends."

- Mark E. Clifton, NJ

"Just a quick note to say we received the transfer assets yesterday and the results are stunning. I'm glad we did this transfer to get the best we can out of these 8mm artifacts. Short of travelling back to 1970 with a Super-16 gated Bolex, this is the best it gets. Thank you! You recall how difficult it used to be to achieve 1:1 correspondence to eliminate pulldown and interlace artifacts. This process circumvents all that. Brilliant!"

- Shepard S. Auburn, NH

"Thank you for the excellent service and results in transferring the ancient 1920s historic film to digital format. I have in turn transferred the digital results into a DVD using iMovie and will be sending the DVD to the descendants of JJ Donovan. In addition, we will be playing the DVD in the upcoming Donovan Exhibit at the Whatcom Museum of History and Art. I plan on a little further editing and then playing it on a continuous loop format at the exhibit. Thanks for saving our film - an entire community will benefit from your work and I am sure the family will view it as a treasure."

- Brian Griffin, Co-Curator, Donovan Exhibition Whatcom Museum of History Bellingham, WA

"You folks are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for the great job you did on my ancient films. You can be absolutely sure I am telling all my friends (and at my age, I have many with celluloid...)"
- Randy D. Oakton, VA

"I am not sure you remember me, but I sure remember you. In my original e-mail to you, I indicated that I had done quite a bit of research as to what I needed to do with my Mom and Dad's old home 8mm movies. I told you via e-mail that my Mom paid to have them professionally copied to VHS tape. I am not sure how they did it, but they copied at the wrong speed, and the film was horrible and totally unwatchable. I knew there had to be a better way. My mother's 75th birthday is in two weeks, and as a present to her and my Dad, I decided to get the films copied the correct way, and in a digital format that I could share with my eleven other brothers and sisters. I must confess that I was totally shocked when you called me personally to address all my concerns as to digital format, transfer method, delivery method, lighting issues, color issues, and the cleaning of the films. Obviously anything like this from the 60's is fragile, and in most cases irreplaceable. These were the only movies my parents could afford to film as they were raising 12 kids and the film would have been prohibitive. We are lucky that they spent precious money on this! You addressed every concern I had, and for that my family thanks you! I found a nice Easter egg in the copy you made as parts of our films were edited out in the VHS tape so it would fit on the tape. I am seeing some of this for the very first time, and these parts have not been viewed for 30 years! The colorists did a SUPER job, and I personally thank them for it. FANTASTIC!"

- Alan D. Bow, WA

"Thank you very much for your professional and excellent service in transferring my Dad's old home movies. I viewed the movies on hard drive. It was great! Everything worked fine. I had not been able to watch those movies for a lot of years. It was so nice to see them again. You did a great job on preserving the quality of the images."

- Carole T. Madrid, NM

"I just watched the first DVD out of the five that you transferred from our families' 16mm films. It started in 1955, so it was fun to watch films from so long ago. You did a super job of keeping the films in time order and it was a pleasure to watch. I was actually surprised at how clear the movies were, given that they were stored for such a long time. Thank you also for all the good advice you gave while we were trying to get this done, for keeping us informed of your progress and for sending the films, hard drive, and DVDs back so quickly. I am really impressed with your work."

- Juliet F. Nipomo, CA

"I received the hard drive yesterday. It has been backed up. The digital version looks great. Thanks for all your hard work."

- Don B. Wheeling, IL

"Once again, you have exceeded my expectations. I very much appreciate the quality of your work and the care you took with my originals. I will gladly recommend your company to friends and colleagues."

- Tag P. Meridian, MS

"The transfer looks GREAT! Debenham Media Group did a fantastic job transferring a lot of old and partially damaged 8mm film to HD. The HD files looked amazing. And they did it for a good price."

- Andrew N. Brooklyn, NY

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job that you did on a 16mm home movie transfer taken over 50 years ago. The film was old and torn in places but you managed to get it transferred to digital. This film is the only visual record of my father's childhood as well as his sister's, who passed away at a young age. In short, it is ineffably sentimental and precious to our family. Thank you!"

- Scott B. Reno, NV

"Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did on my large order of 8mm film transfers. The quality and color was excellent, especially given the age of some of the film. It is a relief to have our family memories preserved digitally and I have already referred others to your company."

- Tracy F. Taylorsville, UT

"We're so glad we finally took the big step and had our many years' worth of home movies transferred to High-Definition digital format. From start to finish, we found your company's service and professionalism to be first rate, and we are now enjoying watching 50-year-old film memories coming back to life. Special thanks to Dan, who guided us through the process and answered our many questions."

- Eric B. East Hampton, NY

"Thanks, the footage is amazing!"

- Kevin H. Baton Rouge, LA

"I've had a chance to look at the transfers and my whole extended family has been very pleased with the results. Thanks for your combination of skillful professionalism, diligent work, and personal care."

- Christopher K. Washington, DC

"Your company and your staff went the extra mile to grant my requests even though the time constraints were of my own doing. The two families presented with the DVDs were so pleased and it was quite a surprise for Christmas. The quality was exceptional and first rate. I have already recommended My Movie Transfer to my friends. The two people I dealt with were extremely courteous and helpful. They were Stuart and Dan, and they are to be commended for their professionalism. Thank you again for a great experience and I will be glad to offer future testimonials about my experience."

- Edward J. Milton, FL

"I was incredibly pleased with your previous transfer of two 16mm reels, one of my mother and father's wedding in 1941, and the other of sailing in Pearl Harbor in 1926, both priceless to me and my family. Thank you."

- Elizabeth H. Shrewsbury, MA

"Yes, I've received the entire order and I've finally had a chance to go over the hours and hours of video. You guys did an excellent job - my family and I really appreciate the fine work and attention to detail. And I REALLY appreciate the USB 3.0 hard drives instead of the 2.0 drives. This saved me many hours of frustration! Thanks again for the quality job....it was worth every penny"

- John L. Vero Beach, FL

"The hard drive arrived last week. The transfers are great. I was delighted with the color quality. Thank you so much."

- Joe L. Grenada, MS

"Thank you very much for the great 16mm film transfer you did for me. The film was from the very beginning of my career at Channel 6 in Philadelphia. Great job working some very old and fragile footage."

- Ernest F. San Pedro, CA