Film scanned as-is with no color enhancement, delivered in 720p HD

8mm & Super 8 Pricing:

$10.95 per 50-foot reel

Sound film not available for Basic 720p

16mm not available for Basic 720p

The goal of the 720p Basic transfer is to deliver:

- Film transfers with improved sharpness, without distortion.

- Images that look better than standard definition and cost less than regular 720p or 1080p.

- Files that work with the widest array of editing and viewing software

- 720p files that look better than most competitors 1080p files!

- Files with visibly lossless compression and data rates that are easier to use.

- Images with good saturation that are more dynamic, expressing greater depth.

Please note: There is no color or exposure correction on the 720p Basic film transfers.

All Regular 8mm film delivered at 16fps, Super 8 film delivered at 18fps.

16mm film & any type of sound film is ineligible for the 720p Basic Transfer.

Warped or damaged film is ineligible for the 720p Basic Film Transfer.

In our Basic 720p HD scan, the film is transferred as-is, with no colorist intervention to adjust for exposure, color, or sharpness. The lack of picture enhancement makes this scan comparable to the highest levels of scanning performed by many other companies, but we transfer the film on the same machines that we use for every other level of transfer that we provide. This fact means that the results from our lowest level of scanning will be superior to our competitors' top level scans.

Just like with our other transfers, there is no pull down in the finished Master H.264 files, meaning that the files will playback at the same speed as the film, and every frame of video will correspond to an individual film frame.

720p Transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable hard drive or USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Files are formatted as Master. H.264 .mov

Files are viewable with a wide array of programs. We recommend VLC for viewing and

Corel Video Studio Pro for editing

Each Blu-ray can hold approximately 80 minutes of film (approximately 20 Reels, or 1,000 feet)

Each DVD can hold approximately 1 hour of film (approximately 15 Reels, or 750 feet)