Film scanned as-is with no color enhancement, delivered in 720p HD

8mm & Super 8 Pricing:

$10.95 per 50-foot reel

Sound film not available for Basic 720p

16mm not available for Basic 720p

The goal of the 720p Basic transfer is to deliver:

- Film transfers with improved sharpness, without distortion.

- Images that look better than standard definition and cost less than regular 720p or 1080p.

- Files that work with the widest array of editing and viewing software

- 720p files that look better than most competitors 1080p files!

- Files with visibly lossless compression and data rates that are easier to use.

- Images with good saturation that are more dynamic, expressing greater depth.

Please note: There is no color or exposure correction on the 720p Basic film transfers.

All Regular 8mm film delivered at 16fps, Super 8 film delivered at 18fps.

16mm film & any type of sound film is ineligible for the 720p Basic Transfer.

Warped or damaged film is ineligible for the 720p Basic Film Transfer.

720p Transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable hard drive or USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Files are formatted as Master. H.264 .mov

Files are viewable with a wide array of programs. We recommend VLC for viewing and

Corel Video Studio Pro for editing

Each Blu-ray can hold approximately 80 minutes of film (approximately 20 Reels, or 1,000 feet)

Each DVD can hold approximately 1 hour of film (approximately 15 Reels, or 750 feet)