Colorist-monitored scans delivered in 720p High Definition

8mm & Super 8 Pricing:

$17.95 per 50-foot reel

Super 8 Sound or Regular 8mm Sound film add $6 per 50'

16mm Pricing:

Silent film: $0.25 per foot

Sound film: $0.32 per foot

Composite optical or magnetic sound track.

We created the 720p HD Transfer to provide high definition film transfers for clients who were on a tight budget, but still wanted the type of high-quality, colorist-monitored scan that we're known for.

The process for the 720p HD Transfer will be the same as our flagship transfer, the 1080p HD Transfer. Your film will be prepped and cleaned, and then your project will be assigned to a colorist who will monitor the film as it scans, make adjustments for light, color, and sharpness. The film will then be output as 720p HD.

The goal for the 720p HD Transfer, like our 1080p HD Transfer, is to improve upon the quality of the film. We will take two passes at color correction, once in the scanner, and a second time using DaVinci software. Our process will utilize sophisticated sharpening to refine grain to improve clarity without adding any noise to the digital images.

The files that we create will be the same Master H.264 .mov format as our other transfers. And they will have zero pulldown, meaning video frame in the file will correspond to an individual frame of film. The film will playback in the exact speed in which it was shot, and you will have the ability to go frame-by-frame to create still images if you so choose.

The maximum lines of resolution that can be pulled from 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm is somewhere above 720, so this level of transfer doesn't maximize the quality of your films or future-proof your movies the same way a 1080p scan will. But if you're trying to keep the cost of a transfer inside a budget, then the 720p HD film transfer will be an excellent option.

The goal of the 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm 720p transfer is to deliver:

- Film transfers with improved sharpness, without distortion.

- Film transfers with vibrant color saturation Images with impressive grain and noise reduction

- Images that look much better than standard definition and cost less than 1080p.

- Images that scale to 1080p while still looking great.

- Files that work with the widest array of editing software.

- 720p files that look better than most competitors 1080p files!

- Files with visibly lossless compression and data rates that are easier to use.

- Images that are more dynamic, expressing greater depth.

- In focus images from film that is slightly out of focus or slightly soft.

720p Transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable hard drive or flash drive. Standard Definition DVD: $24.95 holds 1 hour of film (750' of 8mm or 1600' of 16mm) High Definition Blu-ray: $34.95 holds 80 minutes of film (950' 8mm or 2100' 16mm) Files average about 5-20 minutes in length and are easy to work with.

720p files are formatted as Master H.264 .mov. These files are 10-bit and feature visually lossless compression. These files will work with nearly all of the major video players and editing software.

Master H.264 .mov files will work on both PC and Mac.

For viewing files on a PC, we recommend VLC.

For editing on a PC, we recommend Corel Video Studio Pro, since it is easy to use & features a 30 day fully functional free trial (and is usually priced around $60 after the trial runs out).

We scan your film at much higher resolution than 720p and DOWNCONVERT our scan to 720p. This improves the image compared to scanning the film directly at 720p. You will notice improved sharpness, lower noise and grain in transfer due to our up to 500% over sampling. An analogy would be reducing the size of a "picture" on your computer screen. The smaller it gets the better it often looks. In our scanning the "picture" of your film, is reduced down to Full 720p size!