A high-quality transfer featuring color-correction and enhancement, delivered in the highest resolution that 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm can output.

8mm & Super 8 Pricing:

1-20 ......$24.95 per reel

21-40 ....$23.95 per reel

41-60.....$22.95 per reel

61-80.....$21.95 per reel

80+........$20.95 per reel

Super 8 Sound or Regular 8mm Sound film add $6 per 50'

16mm Pricing:

Silent film: $0.35 per foot

Sound film: $0.42 per foot

Composite optical or magnetic sound track.

Why transfer in 1080p?

1080p is the maximum resolution available for 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm films. The original film frame is too small to see any additional benefits from 2K or 4K scanning.

With a 1080p Transfer, you're essentially future-proofing the film by locking the highest quality version of the film in at the highest resolution available. All film degrades over time, so a 1080p digital version will be your best option for long term archiving. As technology and viewing methods change, you can return to the files to convert to new media, rather than having to rescan the film. Should the method or technology used to view films change in the oncoming years (think VHS to DVD, or DVD to streaming), you'll be set up with a robust file that will be the highest quality version of your film.

Our transfers feature zero-pulldown, meaning each video frame will correlate with an individual frame of film. If you want to create stills from your film transfer, you'll be able to with ease. We took these stills from the video above.

Your digital files will feature zero pulldown, meaning each frame of the digital video will be created from an individual film frame. Zero pulldown among film transfer companies is exceptionally rare. If you are looking to isolate individual frames to create stills, the 1080p transfer will be an excellent option.

Still taken from a 35mm time-lapse film transferred in 1080p

The goal of the 1080p transfer is to deliver:

  • 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film transfers with improved sharpness without distortion.
  • Film transfers with sophisticated grain and noise reduction.
  • Film transfers with vibrant color saturation when possible.
  • Film transfers with no or very minimal crushed blacks or clipped whites.
  • Film transfers that look best on 1080p HDTVs.
  • Files that work with the widest array of editing software.
  • Images that are very honest to the original film.
  • Sharper focus for slightly concave or convex film.

All 1080p film transfers are delivered as 10 bit Master H.264 files. Upgraded formats are available upon request for an additional charge.

Master H.264 is widely compatible, and it can be used in nearly all major editing software programs. The 10 bit files offer visually lossless images with efficient compression that produces excellent 1080p performance. The frame rate of the film is the frame rate of the file. For example, a film shot at 18fps will have a frame rate of 18fps in the Master H.264 file (not 29.976 fps with a pulldown). This yields a perfect 1 to 1 relationship between film frame and electronic frame.

Master H.264 files work on PCs and Macs. We scan your film at a much higher resolution than 1080p and DOWNCONVERT our scan to 1080p. This improves the image compared to scanning the film directly at 1080p. You will notice improved sharpness, lower noise and grain in transfer due to our up to 500% over sampling. An analogy would be reducing the size of a "picture" on your computer screen. The smaller it gets the better it often looks. In our scanning the "picture" of your film, is reduced down to Full 1080p size!