What exactly is meant by High Definition Optics?

Developed in-house, High Definition Optics are yet another addition to our defining superior edge over other transfer sites!  Our new optics exceed the resolution of even the best 8mm Films.  This is important because the 8mm Film is so small.  For example, a 32 inch television screen is 17,000 times larger than an individual 8mm Film frame.  Any optical errors, produced through other methods, will be multiplied, taking away from the quality of your pictures. 
Our High Definition Optics produce Great Pictures!
How do we scan your film?

We use state of the art, professional, digital, ULTRA High Definition Modified Rank Cintel Scanners.
The MetaSpeed Digital Servo System (screen pictured above).
This controls film speed and scanning size perfectly. It is simply the best in the world.  Note that film speed is accurate to .001 seconds!
2000+ feet of either 35mm, 16mm or 8mm film can be scanned at one time.  Your 8mm film is treated just as carefully as the priceless Hollywood feature films that this telecine was designed for.  There is no hot projector bulb, and no starting and stopping film on each frame like a projector.  Just perfect continuous movement of the film while it is scanned.  Even bad splices run through without damage.  There is no pressure plate that can scratch your film - a constant risk with film projectors.
The digital picture information leaving our Rank Cintel film scanners has a data rate of 2,970,000,000 bits per second. 
That is about 50-100 times more information than you would have on a good cable modem or FiOS connection.

All film is color corrected using the
High Definition DMG Color Corrector by our skilled colorists.
What does this all mean to me?

It means that you can be confident that the films we transfer for you will be as good as possible.  Later in the day, we may use the same telecine to transfer 35mm motion picture film for a commercial seen by millions.  This quality has been around for a while, but has traditionally never been available to individual consumers.
What is 4:2:2?                                                                         
4:2:2 is an uncompressed, component digital broadcast video standard, that delivers images with  twice the color depth of DV based formats..
...Or for the non-technical,
exceptionally rich, beautiful pictures!
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Here you can see that we can scan the entire film frame. 

We have designed & manufactured optical film gates to achieve this. 
Our High Definition Optics allow us to zoom in on the images.  Film edges & sprocket holes will not be present in your transfer.

This means you can see more of your movies and more of your picture is brought to life during scanning. Other transfer methods may crop out a significant portion of the original film image.

The yellow squares point out detail that would not be visible in competitor scans.
In these pictures, as well as in others, you can easily see the film grain.  This is not a bad thing.  Film grain is the basic structure of film.  It is what gives film texture.

When you can see individual film grain, scanning is at, or above, the maximum resolution of the film.
The film scanner operator/ colorist watches your film and uses his experience to insure that color and brightness are as consistent as possible throughout your film.
This level of detail is not possible with any form of automated or unsupervised process.
Each project is assigned to one colorist to keep results as even as possible.
Technical details of the digital signal path to:
Hard Drive, Blu-ray, and DVD
"Incredibly quick turnaround, obvious attention to detail, sharp images, and unerringly precise work."
  - Chris H,
    Chicago, IL
"Thank you for reminding me of the 'good old days.'"
  - Lisa G.
   East Taunton, MA
Cropped Image directly from scanner