Domestic Flat Rate Return Shipping Just $15.00
Sent via FedEx Ground with Tracking Number
Alaska, Hawaii & International sent by US Postal Service
720p Basic High
Definition Pricing
Silent 8mm
Super 8 film
per 50 foot
reel or unit.
720p Basic
High Definition
1. Film Transfer Price
2. Recording Media &
Return Shipping
720p Basic HD
General Information
The goal of the 720p Basic transfer is to deliver:
  • Film transfers with improved sharpness,    
    without distortion.
  • Images that look better than standard definition
    and cost less than regular 720p or 1080p.
  • Files that work with professional and           
    higher end consumer software.

     720p files that look better than most
              competitors 1080p files!
  • Files with visibly lossless compression and   
    data rates that are easier to use.
  • Images with good saturation that are more
    dynamic, expressing greater depth.

Please note:
  • There is no color or exposure correction on the
    720p Basic film transfers.
  • All Regular 8mm film delivered at 16fps,      
    Super 8 film delivered at 18fps.
  • 16mm film & any type of sound film is      
    ineligible for the 720p Basic Transfer.
  • Warped or damaged film is ineligible for the
    720p Basic Film Transfer.

Sound film: use the Regular 720p or 1080p transfer.  
Damaged film: use the 1080p film transfer.
    720p Transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable
              hard drive or USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

  • Files are formatted as ProRes 4:2:2 .mov                 
    (a standard format for the broadcasting industry)
  • 1 Hour of film requires 20-30 GB of storage
  • Files size is variable up to 60 minutes in length.
  • Files are viewable with QuickTime and can basic
    editing (trim, cut, paste) can be done using   
    QuickTime Pro 7

ProRes 4:2:2 .mov files work with this editing software:
Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas Movie
Studio HD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Composer,
Lightworks, Edius, Magix & many other editing programs.

We recommend Corel Video Studio Pro for PC users, it is easy  
to use & FREE during the 30 day fully functional trial or around
                                        $50 to buy.

Each Blu-ray can hold approximately 80 minutes of film
          (approximately 20 Reels, or 1,000 feet)

    Each DVD can hold approximately 1 hour of film
           (approximately 15 Reels, or 750 feet)

               Questions? Call 1-800-865-7172  
             Email: info@MyMovieTransfer.com  
As the name implies, our 720p Basic High Definition Film Transfers are for clients who want basic
8mm and Super 8 film transfer. With the Basic Transfer, you'll receive the benefits of a progressive
High Definition scan at our lowest cost. The Basic Transfer is best for clients who are unsure of what
is even on their film and just want to transfer their 8mm for simple, occasional viewing.

Even though this level of transfer is our most basic, it is comparable with many of the
premium levels
of transfer from other film digitization services. That is thanks to our custom-designed optics, high-bit
rates, and the sharpness that comes with scanning in 720p High Definition.
Options and upgrades for your film transfer...

We always clean your film right after we prep it
for transfer. Additional cleaning can be applied
for $19.95 (any size order) with our second pass
film cleaning. For more details on our cleaning
process, click the icon.
8 & 16mm Film Reel Size Guide:
Reel Diameter       Film Length    
3 inch                   50 Feet   
3.5 or 4 Inch                 100 Feet             
    5 Inch                 200 Feet          
     6 Inch                 300 Feet           
  7 Inch                 400 Feet        
  9 Inch                 600 Feet        
Video delivered: 1280x720, Progressive, without pulldown (i.e. 18fps film = 18fps video file), 4:2:2
color space, 10 bit, ProRes 422 mov files. ProRes HQ files are also available just call for details.

Since the files are progressive they will convert to future video formats better than standard definition
interlaced transfers. They will also make better still pictures than standard definition interlaced transfers.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you transfer Digital8, Hi8, Video8 tapes, VHS or Slides?
No, unfortunately we do not transfer 8mm digital tapes, Sony Hi8, 8mm analog VHS or Slides.  We concentrate solely on motion
picture film.  It is all we do. Our experience in film is very deep.

How safe are my films?
Very safe.  We treat your film just like a new 35mm Hollywood print or historical film archive. When your films arrive, your order is
checked in by an experienced staff member, and placed in a work bin solely for you. Everything pertaining to your film transfer order
is labeled and remains together at all times from arrival, through transfer, until it is carefully packaged and shipped back to you.
We have never lost or misplaced an order.

How can I tell the difference between Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film?
The easiest way is by looking at the sprocket holes.  If you have both formats, look at them together, side by side (either the film or the
leader).  Super 8mm film will have much smaller sprocket holes. Sometimes you may not need to be concerned with this question.
It is very common that only one format was shot as a different camera would have been required.  Also, if there is not a particular
sequence you would like your films transferred, you would not need to be overly concerned with this
Click Here to see different formats of film.

The 3 inch box of my Regular 8mm film says 25 feet.  Where does the 50 feet come from?
Yes, that little box does create some confusion.  However it refers to the film when it was originally purchased.  (See Illustration below)
Before your 8mm film was shot (exposed) in the camera, it was 25 feet of 16mm, or Dual 8mm Film.  The unexposed film reel would
have been inserted into the camera, then shot, exposing one side of 25 feet.  Once it ran through, it was turned around to run through
a second time, exposing the other side of the 25 feet.  Remember listening to audio cassettes?  It's the same idea.
When the film was processed (developed), it was cut down the center and the ends spliced together, making it 50 feet long.
How should I organize my films before sending them to be transferred?
Number your reels in the sequence in which you would like transferred:
  • Number the film reels and boxes in ascending order (1,2,3,4,5.....) with a pen or marker, starting with the oldest films first and
    continue in chronoligical order to the newest films.
  • Only use whole numbers starting at one... Don't use fractions, decimals, letters, or dates  in your sequence.
  • Never mix film formats, for example going back and forth between Regular8 and Super 8 film. All Regular 8mm film should be
    first in your sequence and then continue the sequence with your Super 8 film.
  • Cover any hand written numbers on the film reel or box that could disrupt the transfer sequence.
  • Do not use post it notes on the film reels or boxes, they will fall off and disrupt the film transfer sequence.
  • Do not include any unprocessed film.  This means any film that has not been sent to and developed by a chemical laboratory.   
    Since we are not a chemical lab, we will not be able to transfer unprocessed film.  Unlike underexposed film, unprocessed            
    film is completely dark and opaque when held up to the light.  If all of your film is black or dark brown, and if light does not            
    pass through it, then it is likely that your film is unprocessed.

If you do not follow the above guidelines we can not guarantee that you film will be transferred in sequence.

How do you return my original film?
We return your reels spliced together on larger reels with a 7-inch (projects < 400 feet) or 13-inch (projects > 400 feet) diameter.
We do not charge extra for this.  Nor do we cut your film.  It is merely spliced together with a small amount of leader between reel
segments, acting as a chapter reference.  This is far better for film safety, as the film is not tightly wound around such a small
radius which becomes curled over time), rather it lies in a more natural, flatter state.  Also, this is better for long term film storage,
and takes up far less space than dozens of small reels. There is a $5 charge per reel if you would like us to return the film on
your original reels.

Can I get my original film reels and boxes returned?
All empty reels and film boxes are returned with you finished film transfer unless you specifically tell us not to on your order form.
Is it safe to send my films?
Over the years FedEx has proven to be a reliable shipper.
If you're concerned about the return shipping of your films, we suggest 2 options:

1. Always select the "Signature Required" option on the order form. With this service, your film and media will not be left without a
person present at the physical address to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

2. Have us ship all of your digital media first, and we'll wait for you to confirm its arrival before we ship your film. If you decide to take this
option, you would have to pay two flat rate shipping charges.

How should I send my films?
We recommend using a national, insurable carrier such as FedEx or UPS. You are able to track your films & always know their location.

Is there anything special I should do when packing my films?
Film is durable, but we don't want to take any chances. If your film is in boxes, small plastic snap covers or cans, we recommend taping
them closed, so they do not open during shipping.  Make sure to number them with a permanent marker in the order you would like
them to be transferred. If there is no desired sequence, place your film in small plastic bags or envelopes and tape them closed.

You will want to select a box for shipping that your films will fit snugly into, without a lot of room to jostle around.  Add packing material
like bubble wrap or newspaper work best in any open areas, to give the box stability.  Don't forget to include your order form and check.
Use packing tape to securely close the box.

If you are sending your film by FedEx overnight delivery, please note that the studio opens at 9:30am.
Use FedEx "Priority Overnight" or FedEx "Standard Overnight" for overnight delivery.
Do not send packages by "FedEx First Overnight" because FedEx will attempt to delive before 8am and this will delay your delivery.

Will you let me know when my film arrives?
Yes.  You will receive an email by the end of the business day letting you know when we receive your film.

Will you let me know when my transfer is finished?
Yes.  You will be notified by email when your transfer is complete, along with your tracking number if shipping by FedEx.

How are my films and digital media shipped back to me?
We have a domestic Flat Shipping Rate of just $15 per project. If you have 35mm film, the shipping rates vary based on the amount of
film. Your original film and media are individually wrapped, then placed in a shipping box.  Our shipping boxes also make a great
storage device for your film. Most orders are sent via FedEx Ground, with Online Tracking ID. Smaller Orders (depending upon weight)
will be sent via US Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Canadian orders are sent by United States Postal Service / Canada Post at Cost + $5  ($15 minimum total shipping charge).

If you would like a Signature Required for your delivery, simply check the line on the Order Form and add an additional
$7.50 for the service. With this service, your film and media will not be left without a person present at the physical address
to receive and sign for your shipment(s).

Can you overnight my films?
Yes.  If you require Express or Overnight Shipping, please call 1-800-865-7172 for an appropriate quote.

I have a shipping account.  Can I use my shipping number?
Yes.  If you supply us with an addressed prepaid air bill for your FedEx or UPS account number, we will gladly ship your package
by Express or Overnight delivery.  A $5 packing fee will be added to your order total. We will not ship by ground service using
a client account number.

Shouldn't I be worried about X-rays damaging my films?
NO. Once films are processed, there is no risk of harm from X-rays.
High Definition Blu-ray (80 Minutes): $34.95
Additional Blu-ray copies only $19.95 each

Standard Definition DVD (1 hour) from 720p Files: $19.95
Additional DVD copies only $9.95 per DVD

Purchase raw digital data files of your film transfer:
$50 plus one of the following options:
  • USB 3.0 Flash Drive (1-15 Reels: $30; 16-45 reels: $45)
  • USB 3.0 portable 1TB Hard Drive: $75
  • Supply your own hard drive: $0
To calculate your cost, simply add your Film Transfer Price (Part 1) with your
Recording Media & Return Shipping (Part 2)
720p Basic HD
Technical Information
720p Basic HD Additional Information
(16mm not eligible for Basic Transfer)
How do I order?
Simply gather your film, box it up with an order form and check, and ship it to us. Once we get your film in, we will
send you an e-mail to let you know it arrived. We will take a look at your project, and if we have any questions or if
we think it will cost more than you anticipated, we will include that in the e-mail.

What is a 50-foot reel?
We price 8mm/Super 8 transfers based on the number of 50-foot reels in the project. When your 8mm or Super 8mm
film was shot, it was shot using a standard 50 foot reel. If your collection of films contain small reels that fit in the
palm of your hand and have a 3-inch diameter, you have 50-foot reels. If you have larger reels, they were spliced
together at some point.

I don't have 50-foot reels. How do I figure out how many 50 foot reels I have?
Simply add up your project's total footage and divide by 50 to produce the number of 50-foot pricing reels. (For
example: 400 feet of film / 50 feet per pricing reel = 8 pricing reels)

How do I figure out how much film I have on a reel?
Most reels will have some sort of length gauge on them. If yours don't have any length indicators, or if they've worn
off, measuring the diameter of the film will help give you an approximation of your film's footage
(see below):
Can I just send my film in and have you make an estimate?
Absolutely! If you want us to make an estimate for your project's total cost, send in your film along with an order
form. Please remember to fill out your contact information and your selection of media, and on the day it arrives in
our studio, we will e-mail you an estimate for your project's total cost. We will not proceed with your project until we
get a go-ahead from you approving the cost estimate.

What if I  overestimate or overpay for my transfer?
We will issue you a refund check for your overpayment if your estimate was more than your project's total.
Who are you?
MyMovieTransfer.com is the Consumer Division of Debenham Media Group, a professional production facility, specializing in
broadcast video and motion picture film, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We've specialized in scanning film for professional
filmmakers, archives, universities, and museums for decades. We're happy to be able to extend our services to consumers with
home movies and help them preserve their priceless family history.

How long has your company been around?
Over 30 years - and growing every year!   

What exactly does MyMovieTransfer.com offer?
We offer a 100% digital, state of the art, motion picture film transfer on highly modified Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition scanners,
to Hard Drive, Blu-ray, and DVD. We use the same machines on home movies that we use when we scan film intended for theatrical
presentations or broadcast.

What makes MyMovieTransfer.com better than the other sites I see?
We transfer all film on custom Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition  Scanners.  We scan at the same resolution (3k to 5k) that
Hollywood uses for feature films.  You will not find a projector and camcorder set-up here.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?
You can expect a realistic turnaround time of two to three weeks, or less from when we receive your film, depending on the current
workload.  In some cases, film orders are transferred the same day they arrive.  Call 1
-800-865-7172 for our current turnaround time.

Do you offer Rush Service?
Yes.  If you need your order immediately, all you have to do is let us know when it will arrive and we will assign your order a priority
status, with a turnaround time of 3-4 days business days in studio. A nominal fee will be applied -- either $50 or 10%, whichever is greater.

Please Note:  If you require Overnight Shipping, an additional shipping premium will also apply. This will be determined by FedEx.
You can supply a prepaid airbill, or use your FedEx or UPS shipping account number for overnight or express shipping.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we do, 100%!  If there is any defect or issue with media you receive, let us know immediately.  We will do what is necessary to
correct any issue on our part. We cannot guarantee image quality when the defect exists on the film.

What level of quality can I expect?
High quality!  We provide a state of the art, 100% digital film transfer, using the same scanners Hollywood uses for their films.
Read about the differences, and what makes MyMovieTransfer.com better, find more detail on our
Scanning Process page.

What are your business hours?
Our administrative hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:45 am to 6:15 pm Eastern Time. Calls and E-Mails may also be answered
in the evening and over the weekend (hours vary depending on the current work load). We make every effort to answer each line
personally, however from time to time our call volume is high and you may receive our voice mail. Please leave a detailed
message and we will return your call.

Will you edit?
We transfer film in the sequence you provide. We do not edit for content.  We feel those decisions should be left in your control.
Editing information can be found at Youtube.com  - Search for "edit with Corel Video Studio"

I'm shopping around for a film transfer. What should I be most concerned about?
Even if you choose another transfer site, avoid having a transfer done by someone operating out of their basement or garage, or a
company that will outsource your film to an unknown provider.
Questions? Feel free to call us at 1-800-865-7172 to talk directly to a friendly film technician who is happy to answer
any questions you may have about transferring film. You can also e-mail us at info@mymovietransfer.com. We
usually respond within the same business day.