High Definition Film Scanning by
Debenham Media Group
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High Definition video, 1080p, 720p, 8mm, 16mm,
35mm, film, transfer to video
100% Progressive, 10 bit, 4:2:2 scan, delivered as 24p (no pull down)

1920x1080p   16:9 wide screen
1440x1080p   4:3 aspect ratio strictly preserved  (pillar bars on sides)
1560x1080p   8% wider, excellent option for 4:3 film

100% file based (transfer delivered as files on a portable hard drive)

4:3 material on a high definition monitor:
The film will fill the entire height of the monitor & have a black pillar
bar on the right & left side.

Reversal film, release prints, or black & white negative only.
Audio: composite optical audio, laser pickup for improved quality.
Download a full resolution (35mm) ProRes.mov movie by Right Clicking
the link below & selecting "save link as" or "save target as" etc.

                        File Size      Data Rate    Movie run time      Hard Drive space
ProRes 422 HQ     83 MB   ~  175 Mb/sec    96 frames           80GB per hour

Uncompressed      86 MB  ~  1060 Mb/sec   15 frames          480GB per hour

Important note: You must have Quicktime installed on your computer to view or
edit the files. For uncompressed files you must have Black Magic Design codec.
Both programs are free & very widely used.

Click here for Quicktime.   Click Here for Black Magic Design codec.
                             35mm 1080p Pricing

Scanning, color correction:  $20 per finished minute
($150 Minimum)

PTR film cleaning:                $20 per project

USB 3.0 hard drive:             500GB $135, 1TB $175

Return shipping:                  $15-55 based on weight

For example, a 90 minute feature film transferred in 1080p high definition would cost
$1800 (scanning) + $20 (cleaning) + $135 hard drive + $45 (shipping) = $2000
Additional Notes:
Clients may provide a hard drive & pay a $50 loading fee.
There is no data integrity warranty on client supplied drives.

Canadian Shipping is $5 + actual cost of shipping.
Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, & International will be higher.  
We can not scan 35mm film without permission from the copyright holder.
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