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1080p ULTRA High
Definition Pricing
$29.95 per 50-foot unit
1080p Ultra
High Definition
1. Film Transfer Price
2. Recording Media &
Return Shipping
Old film cameras weren't equipped with
image stabilization software like modern
digital cameras, so even the most
sure-handed camera-person was likely to
have some jitter in their images. The image
stabilization offered in our Ultra HD
transfers reduces that jitter, leaving you with
a more professional film. The movie will
appear more clear and is easier to watch.
Please note larger camera jerkiness can not
be corrected.  
    1080p ULTRA Transfers are delivered on a USB 3.0 portable hard drive

  • You will receive two versions of your transfer. The first will be your transfer without digital
    restoration, the second will be with the full restoration performed on your transfer

  • Files are formatted as ProRes 4:2:2 .mov (ProRes4:2:2 HQ available for an additional $50)
  • 1 Hour of film requires 20-30 GB of storage
  • Files size is variable up to 60 minutes in length.

  • Files are viewable with QuickTime and can basic editing (trim, cut, paste) can be done
using QuickTime Pro 7

  • Video delivered: 1920x1080; progressive; zero pulldown; 4:2:2 color space; 10 bit

ProRes 4:2:2 .mov files work with this editing software:
Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, Adobe Premiere Pro,
Media Composer, Lightworks, Edius, Magix & many other editing programs.

We recommend Corel Video Studio Pro for PC users, it is easy to use & FREE during
the 30 day fully functional trial or around $50 to buy.

Each Blu-ray can hold approximately 80 minutes of film
(approximately 20 Reels, or 1,000 feet)

Each DVD can hold approximately 1 hour of film
(approximately 15 Reels, or 750 feet)

Questions? Call 1-800-865-7172
Email: info@MyMovieTransfer.com  
With our 1080p Ultra High Definition Transfer, you will receive the full benefits of our normal
1080p HD Transfer with added digital restoration. This includes image stabilization, scratch, grain
and dirt reduction. 1080p Ultra is very highly recommended for clients who are transferring their film
for broadcast, theatrical exhibition, any commercial purpose or simply want the cleanest
most modern transfer.

Purchase raw digital data files of your film transfer:
$50 plus one of the following options:
  • USB 3.0 portable 1TB Hard Drive: $75
  • Supply your own hard drive: $0

High Definition Blu-ray (80 Minutes): $34.95
Additional Blu-ray copies only $19.95 each

Standard Definition DVD (1 hour) from 720p Files: $19.95
Additional DVD copies only $9.95 per DVD
8mm/Super 8:
To calculate your cost, simply add your Film Transfer Price (Part 1) with your
Recording Media & Return Shipping (Part 2)
1080p High Definition Technical Information
$0.50 per foot
Our 1080p Ultra HD Film Transfer, you receive all the benefits
of our 1080p Film Transfer with these added advantages:
Digital Dirt &
Dirt and dust particles can embed
themselves under the emulsion of film, so
no matter how much you clean the surface
of the film, dirt and dust will remain. And that
says nothing about the scratches that
accumulate on a film over time. Our Ultra
HD transfers employ software to greatly
reduce the dirt and scratches on your film,
leaving you with cleaner, higher quality
Along with reducing dirt and scratches, our
Ultra HD Transfers greatly reduce grain.
Grain reduction in film can be tricky, since
grain is the basic building block for filmed
images. Grain isn't the enemy. Graininess is.
Reduce it too much, and you're film will lose
it texture and look like poor video. We use
intelligent grain reduction that allows your
transfer to retain its texture while creating
high quality images that look overall less
All 1080p Ultra film transfers also include a
full set of 1080p files without Image
Stabilization, dirt, scratch, flicker and grain
Some films may have flicker as a byproduct
of the original camera photography. Our
scanning process does not produce flicker.

Flicker is a small but noticeable unintended
difference in light level between adjacent
frames.  Eliminating flicker produces films
that are easier to watch.
Thank you for your prompt completion of
my film transfer project.  I have viewed and
shared the 1080p Ultra file with two of my
four siblings so far, and they were very
pleased to have that home movie
successfully copied, preserved and
accessible to all five of us.  The results are
terrific, and I'm especially pleased with the
way the 1080p Ultra version was able to
mitigate most of the scratches on the
original film.
I have quite a few more reels of 16mm film
I want to transfer, and I will definitely be
returning with additional projects.

~Charles O., East Windsor, NJ
When we transfer in Ultra HD, we first scan
your film in 1080p, where one of our
colorists will adjust the transfer for color to
get the most out of your film.

We then apply our Ultra process, where we
can take those files that have underwent a
first pass of color restoration, and we can
then make certain additional adjustments. All
of this in order to make the color even more
"We are very happy with the transfer. The cleanup that you did in the ultra versions
was very nicely done. We realize that the source material is not in pristine condition,
but the transfers are just great. I have experience in doing this kind of work on still
photographs and recognize some of the choices that you have made for color and
sharpness/grain and I have been impressed with what you have done."
- Wayne, Mahomet, IL
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